One of my hobbies is traveling as much as possible and I am always fond of taking new trips and visiting new places. I have planned a trip with my friends and after a  discussion, we finally decided to travel to Turkey. Turkey is one of the best places for spending enjoyable holidays. Now, I am sharing with you my travel diary for Turkey. As a trip is decided in a very short period, I had not too much time for what I carry with me. It seemed to be impossible for me to explore, buy and then pack attire, shoes, and many other things in a short time. Then, I finally listed the most important things I think are necessary to take on holidays. One of the famous brands NORDSTROM helps me in this critical situation.

As our trip is decided in the spring season, that’s why I choose those outfits which can easily wear in that season. I bought outfits according to my trip’s events. Now I am sharing the travel outfits that rose my beauty look on the trip to Turkey.


That is all I bought from NORDSTROM. This is the best list of things to take on holiday packing. Some of the outfits, that I already bought from Nordstrom like the dress that I wear in the above image captured during the trip. Jewelry and other accessories that I already owned were also included in my holiday packing. As I discuss all things that I bought from NORDSTROM and the things I already owned are all according to my events. I knew I will spend a lot of time on beaches and in the sunshine that’s why I bought a swimsuit, sunglasses, and hat. Maxi and heels are for parties. Shorts, skirts,  and boots are for visiting historical and natural places. You can also do your holiday trip packing according to your events. I think the things I share are almost part of every packing for trips or spending holidays in stranger places.