Looking pretty is self-satisfaction and building self-confidence for women. Women make many mistakes during their makeup, even though I do countless mistakes in my routine light makeup mainly on the day when I go for a day outing. After going through many hardships, I finally reach a makeup routine that gives the best light makeup looks that can easily implement at home. It includes simple products and steps that are compatible with light makeup for good looks. Below I give some tips and products for light makeup that I apply daily.


I always moisturize my face and neck first at the beginning of my light makeup at home for good looks. Moisturizer helps for an instant hydrated glow. I tried many lotions and creams as moisturizers but the above one gives a good effect. I always include a moisturizer in my light makeup at home. It boosts my foundation to look prettier. This is the best moisturizer I have ever tried. It gives a smooth surface to my makeup. I always use this that’s why I buy the value size of this moisturizer. The last time, I bought this moisturizer for $98 from SEPHORA.

Secondly, I use primer for providing a smooth and long-lasting base for my makeup. The above PORE fessional primer is very suitable for light makeup at home for good looks. It fills up my pores and enhances my makeup look better. With the help of a primer, my makeup stays for a long time a day. You should follow that tip for your light makeup. I buy this from one of women’s beauty creator brands named SEPHORA for $32.You can also purchase more primers from SEPHORA. SEPHORA offers a wide range of primers of different sizes.

Then, I use foundation after primer. Foundation is the main source of providing a uniform color complexion and covering flaws of skin. This Pro Filt’r soft Matte long-wear liquid foundation is perfect for clarifying my skin and is always beneficial to raising my light makeup looks. Last time, I buy this foundation from SEPHORA for $39. You can also purchase different foundations with respect to your skin color from SEPHORA.


Eye effect plays a major role in makeup. It is not a favorable choice to avoid eyeliner in makeup. This tattoo liner vegan waterproof liquid eyeliner  gives a perfect shape to my eyes. I buy that masterpiece from SEPHORA for $23.I think my light makeup at home is worthless without this eyeliner. I also suggest you  SEPHORA for more amazing eyeliners.

For more good effect, I then use Mascara, to sum up, the thickness, length, and darker color of the lashes. Mostly I use this above lengthening Mascara for enhancing my light makeup at home for good looks. Lastly, I bought that mascara from SEPHORA at the price of $27.SEPHORA gives an updated collection of Mascaras, you can easily explore and choose your best one.

The last remaining one is the lips which support your makeup look. A little mistake in the selection of lipstick color can deteriorate your makeup. The color selection is based on your whole makeup look. I bought this Dior Addict lipstick from SEPHORA at the price of $38.This red brick lipstick gives an amazing match to my light makeup at home for good looks. I also have a different color collection of lipstick that I use according to my makeup look. You can also get the best one from SEPHORA.

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