Midi dress Collection

My last year’s visit to Istanbul Turkey was so much great I loved everything in this city. What an exotic tasty historical vibrant city this is the most historical city in the world so if you like history like me and want to discover new things in your life there is no better place to be the clashing point like turkey.

Before going on the trip I ordered some outfits from shein for my journey and yes we all know shein never fails to satisfy their customers. I bought this black spotted midi dress there were so many more colors too but I bought this beautiful color which attracted me a lot and I thought it was a perfect color for a summer outfit. I bought this dress at discounted price don’t know now whether this is available at a discount or not but of course if there is any promotion or discount I will let you know and pop that up on the screen for sure.

This outfit fits me very well it has a heart neckline it’s a kind of cute dress I just love the color and is super comfortable and flowy it is inlined and you feel it when you are wearing it because it feels quite premium. It is a white spotted dress with black and has half balloon sleeves with a deep neckline making the heart neckline more beautiful.

There are many more beautiful designs of this dress whether it’s off-shoulder, without sleeves, mini dresses, or gowns you can get any of them of your choice and style. If you want to keep your look beautiful and super comfortable day or night look this the best choice.