Styling my Outfit with knee-high boots.

My love for Knee-high boots is forever whether it’s Autumn or winter I styled them with different outfits. Last month I went to dinner with my friends and decided my whole outfit in black and yes you can see back is my color. Something I love got my Knee high boots on it really transform the look it is so ready for the for the night but

it’s also a really great one if you want to wear them during the day. I still think. it’s perfectly wearable during the day and that’s the great think about knee high boots they are so great for an evening but they are also good for the day you like you can dress them up or dress them down as you please I style them with the mini skirt I am a huge lover of a mini skirt I think it makes such a cool outfit with this I have gone for fitted black long sleeves with beautiful v neckline I bought these both from Walmart my Knee high boots are from Walmart too you can see many more designs of knee high boots, skirts and top as you like.